How to make money online for free: 15 Ways to Earn online


How to make money online for free: 15 Ways to Earn online

Mim unexpectedly asked me, “Brother, you work in many places; tell me if you can do any work at home?” that day. Earning money during the semester break would be nice. I believed that many people, not just Mim, were looking for different ways to make money online. Many of them might not know which path to take, and many may not know where to begin. Let’s discover how to make money online!

Online income by freelancing

One of the most common ways to make money online today is through freelancing. It is a completely free profession where you can make money online by carrying out different kinds of online tasks.
Open an account on various freelancing websites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and others, if you want to earn money online by freelancing. Organize your portfolio and apply for jobs based on your experience and skills. The buyer will then assess your abilities and needs before giving you the job.
And Ten Minute School now offers home freelancing courses for those of you who want to learn freelancing step-by-step at home. With the help of this course, you will receive a thorough walkthrough of the process from beginning freelancing to developing advanced freelancing abilities to becoming a top freelancer.
The amount of money that can be made from freelancing is not set in stone. Some people here make $300 per month, while others make $ 3,000 per month.

Currently popular freelancing online jobs Are:

1* Freelancing work
2* Digital Marketing
3* Content writing
4* Copy writing
5* Graphic designing
6* Video editing
7* User Interface (UI) Designing
8* Web development
9* Data entry

Earn online by content writing and blogging

Writing on online platforms can be a way for you to earn money online if you are a good writer. You can purchase domain hosting and set up a blog site if you want to make money writing blogs. Again, the WordPress and Tumblr platforms allow for the free creation of blogs.
On numerous freelancing platforms, such as Upwork and Fiver, there is a huge demand for content and blog writers. It will be much simpler for you to find work on these freelancing platforms if you have writing skills in English. Depending on the caliber of their work, content writers can make anywhere from $5 to $100 per 1000 words.
Writing for different online news portals is another way to make money online.

Ways to earn online by YouTube

Your YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers in order to make money online. However, you won’t receive any payment for each subscriber. However, the earning potential increases with the number of subscribers. If you want, you can make money by working with a brand. You need 4000 hours of views over the previous 12 months in order to start making money with 1000 subscribers. The more views you receive, the more money you could potentially make. However, you won’t get paid from YouTube until someone clicks the link displayed above your video and views the entire advertisement.
You can choose to display advertisements on the channel by going to the Monitization section of YouTube Studio. On the dashboard, you can see the monthly earnings. If you can consistently produce high-quality content, YouTube may be the best online income source for you.

Ways to earn online through paid surveys

You can make money online by participating in a variety of paid surveys. In essence, a survey is conducted to learn what consumers think about a company’s product and what features should be added to the new version.
Your computer or mobile device will do for this task. But you can’t work for very long with a free VPN; you need a paid IP.

Some popular online survey websites:

1* viewpoint panel
2* Opinion Now
3* ySense
4* neobux
5* Toluna
6* Swagbucks
7* Onepoll
8* Your Surveys
9* PrizeRebel

Make money online by creating website

People need websites today for a variety of reasons. So, if you know how to create a website, this might be a source of online income for you. You can make money online by building websites for other people as a freelancer or by selling the websites you build. If your website receives a lot of traffic in that case, the cost of the website will also increase.
By using Google Ads on the website, you can also make money online. A straightforward website can be made with few resources. Only a domain and hosting allow for the creation of websites. To do this, you must first purchase hosting, register a domain, and then build a website.

Online Income from Google Adsense

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to make money online from a website or YouTube is Google Adsense.
Google will display AdSense ads on your website or YouTube channel, depending on whether you have one of each. You may receive a share of the advertising revenue if site visitors click on that advertisement.
Additionally unknown is the Google Adsense clickthrough rate. However, depending on the nation, the cost per click ranges from $0.01 to $100. It depends on the type, quality, and country of your content.

Online income by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another well-liked method of earning money online by building a website.
With affiliate marketing, you essentially act as a third party and try to sell different products on your website. A typical commission range for selling a company’s goods is from 2% to 70% of the sales price.
You can make money online by selling any affiliate link you want if you have a high-quality website that attracts lots of visitors.
In Bangladesh, using Amazon Affiliate Marketing to make money online is very common. These affiliate websites promote the benefits of Amazon’s various products in an effort to increase sales. The commission follows the sale of the product.
Any platform can be used to make money online through affiliate marketing. Through websites, YouTube channels, Facebook profiles, and even Instagram, it is possible to make money through affiliate or referral programs.

Earn online as a website and app tutoriel

A website or app tutoriel acts as a neutral party to evaluate how well a website or app is performing and whether users are receiving the best possible experience. Additionally, many people make money online by testing out websites and apps.
It takes a while to load when using multiple websites, and the app may also crash. Because of how frequently these occurrences take place, testers are highly sought after. Your responsibility as a website or app tester is to make sure that both are user-friendly. These online jobs typically pay between $10 and $20 per hour.

Places where you can work as a website and app tester:

1* UserTesting
2* Enroll
3* Ferpection
4* User Interviews
5* PingPong
6* TryMyUI
7* Userlytics
8* UberTesters

Earn online by selling photos and Footage

There are numerous image sharing or stock image websites where you can sell any of your photos that you have taken online. You can upload your photos for sale on these websites. However, high resolution, high-quality images are required.
You must first create an account on the website and upload your photos if you want to work on these websites. Afterward, your profile will be approved on that website after your photo’s resolution, quality, etc. have been confirmed.
You can upload your photos there once your profile has been approved. However, before the pictures are uploaded and everyone can see your image, authorities must first approve each image you upload.

Websites To Earn Through Photos:

1* Shutterstock
2* Fotolia
3* GettyImages
4* iStock
5* Dreamstime

Many large corporations require various images for a variety of reasons. They then purchase images from these markets and incorporate them into their works. These websites typically give photographers a 30–70% commission on each sale.

Online income with kindle ebooks

With the aid of Amazon Kindle, anyone with the desire or writing ability can publish their writing for sale to millions of readers.
You can quickly write and publish any book digitally using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. In essence, a book can be prepared for sale to a large number of people online through Amazon’s global network and Amazon’s e-commerce within 24 to 48 hours.
With Amazon KDP, you can publish books in a variety of categories on your own. Additionally, you set the book’s price on your own. Your PayPal or bank account will receive any proceeds from book sales.

Earn money online as a voice over artist

If you have good communication skills, you can work as a voice over artist online in a variety of settings and make money doing so.
Working as a voice actor for audiobooks, videos, animation, commercials, product videos, audio guides, etc. offers opportunities to make money online. A local market offers 30 to 60 rupees per minute. Additionally, the pay on Fiver can range from $5 to $50.
In addition to having a lovely tone and clear pronunciation, a voice over artist needs a high-quality microphone for recording. Send the edited recording to the buyer after editing it on your phone.

Online income by buying and selling domain names

Domain flipping is a typical online source of income. buying a domain name with the intention of later reselling it.
The domain name must first be thoroughly investigated. Find out which domain names are the most valuable and popular. The next action is to purchase a domain. It makes sense to purchase some domain names that have actual meaning. However, it is more profitable to buy expired domain names.
You can sell the domain name right away if you want to, or you can keep it for a very long time.

Earn as an online tutoriel

You can teach something online if you are good at it. You can teach students of all ages through the current demand for online tutors. Many websites offer online tutoring opportunities, allowing you to teach whenever it’s convenient for you. You are welcome to begin your own course, if you desire.

Online income by data entry

Data entry is the process of adding or updating data using software and a computer. This kind of work can be done online to make money for those with quick typing skills.
You can find data entry jobs on a variety of such freelancing websites on the internet (Fiverr, freelancer). However, the pay for these jobs is typically less than for other jobs.

Ways to earn online as a virtual assistant

Employers select virtual assistants based on a variety of skills. Calls, emails, internal research, data entry, editing, writing, blogs, graphics, tech support, and social media management are tasks that fall under this category.
Online earning opportunities include 24/7 Virtual Assistant, Assistant Match,, People Per Hour, and Upwork.
You can easily make money online by selling used books in different groups, translating, and doing writing exercises.

Things to keep in mind before making money online

It’s important to thoroughly research the websites or people you’ll be working with before beginning any work. Because there are numerous websites that advertise good pay for a variety of jobs but actually cheat. There are numerous people waiting to trick you.
Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the specifics of a new money-making website if you want to work on it. You must determine whether the place you want to work is reliable and active.

How to withdraw money by earning online:

The majority of foreign survey websites accept PayPal as payment. But Bangladesh is not supported by PayPal. But now that PayPal’s Zoom service has been released, it’s simple to withdraw money from your account.
If you’d like, you can transfer money directly using our local bank account, a Payoneer account, or a wire transfer. You must fix it in the market if you want to withdraw money using these methods from the marketplace. Wire transfer is the best choice, though, if your withdrawal is for more than $2,000 in total.
Outside of the marketplace, if you are working one-on-one with a client, you can take money directly from them into your Payoneer account or local banks.
Customers can now quickly sign up for a new Peoneer account from the Bkash app’s remittance icon. Bkash accounts can also be linked by people who already have Peony accounts. Freelancers can immediately receive their payments into the development account once the accounts are linked.

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