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Almost everyone gets dark circles under the eyes once in their life. This is a common condition and in most cases no treatment is required. Read on to find out what causes dark under eyes and how you can cure them.

What are dark spots under the eyes?

When the skin under your eyes gets darker than usual, you have dark circles under the eyes. They are frequently perceived as a sign of fatigue. Dark spots, however, can have a wide range of possible causes.
Dark circles are rarely cause for concern. Dark circles under the eyes are thought to make people look frail, ill, and old. People want to cure or alleviate these conditions even though they don’t need to be treated in order to look healthy.

Depending on the skin type, dark circles under the eyes may appear brown, blue, or even purple. They are distinct from any infection-related bruising, redness, or sores around the eyes, though.

What causes dark spots under the eyes?

When you are tired, it shows up on your face, especially under your eyes. If you experience chronic dark circles under your eyes, you should find out the causes and treat them now.
Here are some common causes of dark circles:


Staying awake for long periods of time, extreme fatigue, fatigue and excessive sleep are some of the things that cause dark circles. Lack of sleep makes the skin pale and dull. This allows more dark tissue to show through.
Lack of sleep causes fluid to build up under the eyes which leads to puffy eyes. This results in a dark shadow under the puffy eyelid.


Dry eyes or allergies can cause dark circles.
To determine if you have allergies, you should also check for other symptoms. You may experience red, itchy, and swollen eyes due to allergies. Histamines released by allergies can cause your blood vessels to dilate and become more visible under your skin.
It is recommended not to rub or scratch around your eyes. Rubbing can worsen symptoms and result in swelling, inflammation and rupture of blood vessels. Eventually, all this will result in dark circles.

Old Age


Dark circles are normal with aging. Over time a person’s skin thins and loses collagen and fat. Collagen and fat are responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. In response, the blood vessels become visible and darken the lower part of the eye.


Drinking enough water is not new advice. Yet many avoid it. Dehydration is when your body doesn’t get the right amount of water. It makes your under eye area look darker as it is closer to the underlying bone.

Eye twitching

Eye strain is another common factor that can lead to dark circles. More screen time results in more dark circles. Eye strain enlarges the blood vessels and darkens the skin around them.

Overexposure to the sun

The body produces more melanin when it is exposed to the sun too much. Overexposure also causes the pigmentation around your eyes to increase. Dark circles under the eyes can also result from irregularities in skin pigmentation.


Many people have dark circles due to genetics. People may notice dark circles in childhood and it gets worse as they get older. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes dark circles go away after some time due to hereditary reasons.

When to see a doctor?

There is no immediate medical need for dark circles under the eyes. However, in some circumstances, you should see a doctor if there is a combination of unusual symptoms.
You should consult a doctor if you notice swelling and discoloration under one eye.
To treat dark circles under the eyes, a doctor might suggest a mix of vitamins, creams, or other therapies.

How can I prevent dark circles?

Only if you are consistent can you take care of your eyes and prevent dark circles. Sometimes, making a few lifestyle adjustments is the only way to effectively treat dark circles. To stop them, be sure to:
wholesome eating
Obtain enough liquids

Regular exercise and sleep
Look after your skin.
Cut back on your screen time.

How to cure dark circles at home?

Many people avoid visiting the doctor because of dark circles. They either accept the circumstances or experiment with domestic methods to lessen them. These treatments don’t always get rid of dark circles. If they do, depending on the cause, they only offer a temporary fix.
However, you can try these treatments to give your eyes a little extra care if you have dark spots as a result of fatigue:

Cold therapy

A cold compress can reduce under-eye puffiness and shrink dilated blood vessels. The process can alleviate dark circles and reduce puffiness. You can also use chilled tea bags, chilled teaspoons, frozen peas or ice wrapped in a washcloth.

Excessive sleep

Dark circles are primarily caused by sleep deprivation. Similar to how getting enough sleep will eliminate dark circles caused by insufficient sleep.

Use more pillows

Elevating the head using an extra pillow prevents puffiness under the eyes. It can also help reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Are there any proven medical treatments for dark circles?

Yes, there are permanent solutions for dark circles. When you visit a doctor, he will look for the cause and your concerns and suggest the right treatment.

Some common treatments for dark circles are:

Skin tightening and resurfacing with laser surgery
Chemical peels to lighten the color
Injecting color into thin skin regions is a component of medical tattooing.
Skin discoloration under your eyes is brought on by tissue fillers used to cover up melanin and blood vessels.
Excess fat and skin are removed during fat removal, revealing a smoother and more level surface.
surgical implants made of synthetic materials or fat
At Apollo Hospitals, you can receive the best treatment for dark circles.


Dark circles are curable with numerous home remedies and treatments. To treat dark circles under eyes, consult your doctor for the best option.

Which vitamins are good to cure dark circles?

As a vitamin, vitamin E is best for the skin, so it helps with dark circles. There are capsules, oils, and creams that contain vitamin E. After speaking with your doctor about your skin type and general health, you can use them.

Why do I suddenly have dark circles?

Stress, sleepless nights, and exhausting days can all contribute to sudden dark circles. You should always get some shut-eye and unwind your body and mind.

What is the permanent treatment of dark spots under the eyes?

You can use any treatment that promises to permanently eliminate dark circles. An alternative might be laser surgery. To determine the best course of action for you, it is advised that you speak with a doctor.

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